Jan Amos Komeński Complex of Schools of Economics is a school which combines tradition with a modern approach to learning. It was founded in 1912 as Craft and Trade School and in 2012 the school celebrated its 100th anniversary. Many years of experience, qualified and passion-driven staff as well as innovation-oriented policy have been the foundations of effective and successful education in our school. Our main objective is to prepare young people for entry into the labor market. Students acquire not only general knowledge but also professional competences necessary for successful work in a professional environment.
We offer the following faculties: logistics technician, nutrition and catering services technician, hotel industry technician, economics technician and tourism technician.
After completing full-time vocational education students take the matriculation exams necessary for admission to higher education. They also take external examinations confirming vocational qualifications. As a part of practical vocational training students do apprenticeships in enterprises relevant for a given occupation. Upon passing an examination for a single qualification, a student receives a certificate issued by the Regional Examination Board. After passing examinations for all the qualifications required in a given occupation and having completed the expected level of general education, he/she receives a vocational diploma.
Our school provides a quality learning environment which challenges all students to achieve their personal best and develop a positive vision for their future. We value self-development, integrity and responsibility for our actions. We seek to promote values and attitudes which help our students to become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens. Our students are willing to participate in volunteering projects and get involved in local, sports and cultural events.
WE RESPECT people, differences, traditions and beliefs.
WE BELIEVE IN values, integrity, honesty, ambitious goals and fairness.
What we call our strongest points:
– attractive apprenticeships and positive employers’ recommendations,
– experienced and devoted teachers,
– precise educational goals to learn foreign languages and get professional qualifications,
– modern, spacious and well-equipped IT and cooking workshops,
– high and growing percentage of our graduates who continue education at universities,
– education offer for disabled students,
– achievements of our students in different regional and national competitions in economics, logistics, accountancy, hotel trade and many others.
What we commit ourselves to:
– many different local and global voluntary projects helping unprivileged families, senior citizens and animals,
– local charity events,
– creative cooperation with other schools, kindergartens and local organizations,
– annual blood donation,
– annual inter-school Oxford Debates competition,
– regional and national competitions in economics, logistics, accountancy, hotel trade and many others.